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At Stearns Kim Stearns & Ryan, we transcend the realm of mere legal practitioners; we are your devoted allies on this remarkable voyage. Whether you find yourself navigating intricate business transactions, intricate family matters, or multifaceted litigation, our unwavering presence is dedicated to ardent advocacy and unreserved counsel. Our firm's cornerstone is forged from the finest elements of excellence, unwavering integrity, and an unyielding dedication to fulfilling the diverse requisites of our esteemed clientele

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What we do


Our comprehensive range of expertise covers a wide spectrum of legal areas, ensuring that we can provide comprehensive support and guidance to individuals, businesses, and organizations alike.

Real Estate
Enduring Excellence. Seamless Transactions.

Step into the world of Stearns Kim Stearns & Ryan, where we stand as stalwart allies to South Bay and greater Los Angeles businesses and individuals. Our expertise extends across the spectrum of real estate, encompassing the art of purchasing, selling, leasing, and financing both residential and commercial properties.

Precision Transactions
Residential Mastery
Commercial Finesse
Tailored Financing

Family Law
Guidance. Resolution. Empowerment.

At Stearns Kim Stearns & Ryan, we delve into the intricate tapestry of Family Law with refined proficiency. Our mastery spans the breadth of familial dimensions, encompassing pivotal aspects such as spousal and child support, child custody and visitation, meticulous property division, and judicious allocation of attorney's fees.

Strategic Advocacy
Custodial Harmony
Equitable Division
Legal Empowerment

Civil Litigation – Personal Injury
Defending Rights. Pursuing Justice.

Enter the realm of Stearns Kim Stearns & Ryan, where we stand as steadfast advocates across multifarious domains of civil litigation. Our prowess extends to orchestrating resolutions in conflicts involving diverse adversaries, ranging from individuals and groups to esteemed businesses and governmental entities.

Legal Triumph
Individual Advocacy
Corporate Disputes
Injury Justice
Trusts, Estates, And Probate
Crafting Legacies. Resolving Matters.

Step into the realm of Stearns Kim Stearns & Ryan, where we embark on a journey of safeguarding your legacy through meticulous attention to trusts, estates, and probate intricacies. Our adeptness extends to weaving the fabric of wills, trusts, healthcare directives, and enduring powers of attorney, ensuring your aspirations are upheld. Moreover, our firm navigates the terrain of disputes within these realms, fostering equitable resolutions.

Strategic Estate Planning
Enduring Trusts
Probate Expertise
Resolution Mastery

Corporation/Business Affairs
Fostering Growth. Strategic Solutions.

Welcome to Stearns Kim Stearns & Ryan, where we act as stewards of small- to mid-sized businesses, nurturing their establishment and expansion within the vibrant tapestry of the Los Angeles area. Our expertise not only propels growth but also encompasses the art of discerning when and how to navigate the terrain of litigation when the need arises.

Strategic Growth
Business Stewardship
Litigation Insight
Innovative Solutions
Guidance. Equity. Empowerment.

Step into the realm of Stearns Kim Stearns & Ryan, where we stand as vanguards of balanced workplaces. Our counsel traverses the intricate landscapes of employment, encompassing both employers and employees. From class action litigation to wage and hour claims, discrimination cases, and steadfast compliance, our expertise shapes equitable workplaces while extending to diverse realms.

Strategic Counsel
Inclusive Advocacy
Compliance Mastery
Discrimination Justice

Medical Malpractice
Vigilance. Expertise. Advocacy.

Embark on a journey with Stearns Kim Stearns & Ryan into the realm of medical malpractice, where our pursuit of excellence is unwavering. Backed by a consortium of esteemed medical professionals, we meticulously dissect and evaluate malpractice claims. Our commitment extends to pursuing these cases with unrelenting dedication, striving to secure the highest possible compensation for our clients who bear the brunt of doctor and medical negligence.

Thorough Evaluation
Expert Collaboration
Maximum Compensation
Negligence Advocacy
Construction Defect
Precision. Expertise. Resolution.

Step into the domain of Stearns Kim Stearns & Ryan, where we uphold the essence of construction integrity. When contractors and developers provide their services, their obligation extends to adhering to contractual stipulations and executing tasks with unparalleled craftsmanship. Our dedicated team is poised to meticulously evaluate and advocate in litigation for all claims concerning these services, ensuring adherence to the highest legal standards.

Meticulous Evaluation
Contractual Adherence
Litigation Expertise
Craftsmanship Advocacy
Who we are

With a highly skilled team, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of legal excellence.


With experience across various legal domains, our team members possess the knowledge, insight, and strategic thinking necessary to tackle even the most complex legal challenges.

Ryan E. Stearns
Partner Real Estate, Corporate/Business Affairs, Family Law, Trusts & Estate hhhh
Anna M. Schneider
Of CounselOf Counsel Trusts, Estates, and Probate
Harry J. Kim (1936-2021)
Partner Real Estate, Corporate/Business Affairs, Trust & Estates
Michael J. Ryan
Partner Civil Litigation, Construction Defect, Real Estate, Personal Injury
Kathleen R. Choe
Associate Family Law, Civil Litigation
Davina Dawson
Associate Civil Litigation, Family Law

Achievements Across Legal Frontiers

Explore our remarkable track record spanning diverse legal domains, showcasing victories in cases ranging from civil and real estate litigation to estates, trusts, family law, and medical malpractice. Delve into our portfolio of successes that underscore our commitment to delivering justice and optimal outcomes for our clients.

Civil & Real Estate Litigation

·Defensejudgment for client developer on $23 million personal injury claim.

·Defensecounsel on Federal class action dismissed at pleadings stage on $10 million to$30 million fraud claim.

·Publiclytraded company to pay high six figures in confidential settlement to formeremployees for past due wages and attorney’s fees and costs incurred.

·Sellerof commercial property ordered to specifically perform and sell commercialproperty to buyer valued in excess of $3 million.

·Successfullydefend individuals accused of aiding and abetting securities Ponzi scheme–$3.5million in damages sought.

·Verdictfor children of mother wrongfully killed by step father. Clients awardedmarital estate, and punitive damages.

Estates & Trust Litigation

·Child of deceased parent to receive additional $1 million in dispute with charityover interpretation of will. Charity contended client entitled to zero.

·Establishthat child of deceased parent unduly influenced that parent prior to death toleave entire estate to that child, resulting in estate going to other sibling.

Family Law

·Succeed in terminating spousal support from a long-term marriage–$26,000 per month to zero.

·Successfully defend claim of parental alienation, with court ordering accuser to payclient’s attorney’s fees and costs.

·Establish that business claimed to be separate property by spouse was community property,resulting in $2 million award to client.

·Successfully defend judgment from being set aside on claim of fraud and duress following 8day trial with client retaining approximately $60 million in assets awardedunder judgment.

Medical MalPractice

·Prominenthigh hospital to pay family for wrongful death of child in confidentialsettlement.

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Ryan E. Stearns
Partner Real Estate, Corporate/Business Affairs, Family Law, Trusts & Estate hhhh
Michael J. Ryan
Partner Civil Litigation, Construction Defect, Real Estate, Personal Injury